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Jun. 18th, 2011

Green Lantern Movie: My personal view.

My rant: That illustrious critic, Roger Ebert can eat all the excrement lying on the floor right now. You give that man 12 movies and he will only like 1 out of those 12. Critics like him are the type of people I can't stand because whatever you do nothing will make them happy. Hence why one should not listen to the critics out there when it comes to movies. You are your own critic with movies I'd say!

The movie was pretty good; it's one of those movies you can take your kids too. It's one of those movies you can take your date to (provided tastes are the same or there's a compromise). It's one of those movies that even the fans will like IF one leaves the purist attitude out the door. While yes, some aspects were slightly changed-cleverly I may add-it didn't stray off the main plot of both the origin of how Hal got his power ring.

While some folks felt Green Lantern's costume was derived from your basic anatomy book, as Jojo stated-hehe-the effects were done nicely. With the way technology is with special effects we're better off than if this movie was made, say I dunno, 15 years ago :-P

Overall the movie was enjoyable and a good summer flick. With Thor and X-Men first class getting good vibes from friends and Captain America around the corner, I'd say things are looking up for comic book movies now than they did a few years ago.

Jun. 17th, 2011

green lantern fan

stoked to go see green lantern movie as you can see ;)

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May. 24th, 2011

lj mobile test

testing lj mobile on my smartphone.  hope this works.

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May. 9th, 2011

My Inspiration.

I have found my inspiration to weight lifting. And I am not joking!

May. 8th, 2011

I'm back. Thoughts. Happy Mother's Day.

Well I've decided to keep this livejournal account. Looking back, it would make no sense to me to just get rid of it and with how the social media technology has been going all the more reason to keep it, since now I can link this to Facebook. Don't expect me to use Twitter now. That's a bit too much for my personal taste!

By the way; Happy Mother's Day to you all. Make sure you wish your moms a happy one and treat them well this day :)

Now before I continue this journal is meant for details of my thoughts; how I feel about things, my opinions, and personal viewpoints. Nothing more and nothing deeper than that. My purpose for this is for people to get a better understanding of me, both my friends, family and even acquaintances.

To start things, I've finished work earlier today. The boss decided to let me go home early since I unexpectedly worked a double shift which sucked but hey, more hours and money for me. I just hate the retail aspect of my job, more so now since there's more pressure in maintaining metrics for the store as opposed to when I worked for Ritz Camera 10 years ago. Anyway, this is just a job to have for now until I can find a better one and I'm grateful to even have a job at all in this tough economy.

So the rest of the day I'm just going to chill out with Jo (aka; Daigo) and get some tasks done that I've been wanting to do for the past week but never got the chance too. I will feel better about it because I'm the type of bloke who likes to get stuff done. You could say I'm a taskmaster :-P

Well I hope you all have a swell day and I will see you all around.


Apr. 27th, 2011

Keep My Livejournal.

Hey folks.

Change of plans here. I've decided to keep my LJ account here after all. Two reasons: (1)I have put so much memory into this account after so many years which leads to reason number (2), running away from your memories is no different than running away period. Keeping them is a reminder of lessons learned, what I've gained and lost.

So with that said, keep this on your friend's list. I am here to stay after all.


Jan. 24th, 2011

DC Universe Online; First Impressions.

Hello folks. I thought I should write this up to give ya'll a general idea and first impressions of DC Universe online out of interest or if you defiantly want to play the game.

I managed to play the beta for a week or two before its full release and purchased it since I've been wanting to play a Superhero MMO for quite sometime now.

To sum up the plot real quick it goes like this: In the near future the villans and heroes make a final stand with each other, with Lex Luthor being the victor...or so he thought. Then good ol' Brainiac steps in and takes over but not before stealing his item(s) called Exobytes. He then travels to the past which is present day, releaseas them into the earth.

Here's the catch; The exobytes contains powers from both heroes and villains. When it is released into the earth many humans are bestowed powers. The future Lex Luthor warns the League about the upcoming threat before he takes his leave. Its up to the League to guide the people with their newfound powers and guide them in both use of their powers and to combat the threat of Brainiac as well as other villains.

At this point you start off with the character customization. It's easy in a nutshell though not quite as diverse as City of Heroes(coh) and Champions online(CO). You can make a custom to suit whatever you want or you can pick a premade set up based upon inspirational characters like Superman or Mister Freeze.

At that point you can select a weapons type (brawling, hand to hand, one hand, dual weild, etc), primary and secondary powers/skills. Keep in mind the powers you pick will determine your role, with your secondary powers playing a more active role as your primary will help you with traversing and combat. For example when I made one my first character I chose Staff/Acrobatics/Nature; a defensive healier. My partner on the other hand chose Two Hand*ex; great axe/Acrobatics/Fire; an offensive tank. As you progress you can manipulate your powers to be either offensive or defensive or something in between and you gain more abilities and skills along the way. Armor and weapons help influence your stats, much like how it is here on ffxi so you want to be wary of your role and the stats to make sure you pick the right weapons and armor needed of course.

Also, during the process you can choose which mentor to have and what allegiance you want. The mentors are Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman for good, Lex, The Joker, and Circe for evil. Your missions will be different with whom you are with while some missions will be the same depending on the situations.

Once all this is set up, you start off trying to escape one of Brainiac's ships. You get a vocal adviser to help you get through the ship and off to freedom. Throughout the game you'll have many guides to help you and send you off missions like this. You will get rewards doing missions such as money, weapons and armor as well as a huge chunk of exp and you don't lose exp when you die. I forgot about that; the exp grind is very easy and free flowing, not like a grindfest some of us dealt with on Final Fantasy 11. You can also do a majority of missions by yourself or with a friend. I honestly can say this game can be casual where you can pick up and put it down without having to "Keep up with the Jones" if you want to compare it to other MMOs out there.

There are two different types of servers; PVP and PVE. I'm only on the PVP since I want to enjoy the game without having some joeschmo attacking me out of the blue every 5 seconds on PVE whereas on PVP you can set up a match with a person and fight 1 on 1, 2 on 2, whatever. I have yet to try it out still but my partner tells me its great but you need to invest in PVP gear since your armor and weapons get damaged in the game. You can repair them though, and while it is not costly it can be if you decide to be hardcore. Thankfully the economy is not influenced by players like how we have the AH and that is influenced by players.

The action sequence is action oriented, which means you have combos to perform with your attacks. They are simple to do really. With some of the job combinations such as healers you can change between healer and attacker. When doing this your special skills that you would have set on attacker or healer mode will come up automatically. You an manually set them as you like as well.

The only downside I've witness is a few minor bugs in the game such as not getting the credit for the some of the missions you would win which my partner has had a few problems with and has reported it to the developers and once in a while my character would get "stuck" if i did certain actions like lifting something but it has been fixed apparently over the last few days. I am sure the Sony and the DCUO team are fixing and addressing these issues as time goes on. I for one have been patient.

So far, the level cap is around 30 from the last time I checked and they have added some additional content. It is 15 bucks a month and you can make up to 6 characters per server with no additional fees. You can also set up for a lifetime subscription of 200 bucks but personally I'd rather wait until how things play out much further with DCUO in the coming months before I shell out that kind of money. The first month is free to play but you have to buy the game to try it out rather than download a trial version, which I'm sure they will do hopefully.

So there you have it in a nutshell. I personally love the game, me being a comic book geek :-P At first I was going to try out CoH or CO but since this came out it made more sense to me to have a fresh start with something new.

Ok. As promised some
vids of DC Universe online.

Costume Change customizations.

As you go along the game you can "collect" the gear you obtain. What this means is even if you decide to sell it your menu "memorizes" what you have sold and you can therefore customize how you want your character to look even though you may have something else equipped. Its to generate a more uniqueness of your character while equipping the appropriate stats you may have.:

Fire Tanking.
Though he died a few times he did last quite longer than most other job combinations, save Ice which I've heard, is another tank type you can use.

Mission demo; my first video I've ever made, lol.

I hope I've answered some questions but if any of you have more questions feel free to ask me at any time :)



Dec. 20th, 2010

(no subject)

Well the Year of the Tiger draws to it's end in the next few weeks. This year has been rough around the edges and for a justifiable cause I suppose, given the consideration that A: I have to start over again with a career which at times have been discouraging. But I have come to the realization that things happen for a reason and I take victories and opportunities where it can be found. Nothing will begin if I just roll over, mope and do nothing. I keep telling myself these things every day to motivate me to move forward.

Joe and I have been well; sick, but well. I had came down with the flu a few weeks ago and have just gotten over from having it. Once it is cleared I will go get my flu shot. Joe on the other hand came down with a cold thankfully (as strange as it sounds). He has been getting better at my insistence that he rest as much as possible. What has been troubling him lately however is both his laptop and desktop computers. His PC conked out due to some power supply issues so we went to take it to Geek Squad. Big mistake......

We had to wait for more than the allotted time they gave us to fix it and when we got it back it was in rough shape yet it was in perfect condition when we had dropped it off. After much hassle with Geek Squad and talking to customer relations, which have been very helpful with this matter, we managed to get the matter resolved but at a price. They installed the new power supply for free but were unable to fix the issue of it turning on. So Joe will have to now contact Dell, which I think we should have done from the get go, and hopefully they will fix it.

Well, at least Best Buy gave us a ton of gift cards as consolation.

I hope everyone will have a good and safe holiday and that 2011 brings good favor for all of us.

Until then, here is a little tidbit I came across and tried out as well:

DC Universe trailer.

Dec. 12th, 2010

(no subject)

New icon. Credit goes to peatas . Good work :) I also made changes to my journal layout style as you can see. Hope you all enjoy.

Oct. 28th, 2010

mobile test. diabetic progress.

hopefully this post will reach from my cellphone since this is the first time using an app for this. it is interesting how useful technology can be nowadays.

i want to also let everyone know im doing well in managing my diabetes; my average blood sugar has been below 120 these last few weeks!

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